Breathtaking MTB ride through Angkor jungle and remote temples with a western longterm resident private guide



This trail immerses you into the deep jungle that surrounds Angkor Wat where only the local countrymen venture.

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The tracks we follow offer a succession of mind-blowing sceneries that are, for the most part, only accessible to those riding mountain bikes.

These trails give you an in depth look at both remote and famous temples. Also, they are mostly located in shaded areas so that you are sheltered from the sun as well as from the rain thanks to the huge centenarian trees.

Your route alternates between traversing through deep jungle areas, natural landscapes and, of course, beautiful remote temples.

Why this trail is a blast:

I carefully designed my trail in a way that you can experience smooth and steady physical exercise, have time to contemplate the natural scenery and also have cultural exposure by being around the locals of the area.

•       Ride only the best part: Unlike other Bike Tours in Siem Reap, Angkor Offtrack allows you to begin and finish your riding directly on the trails due to my transfer by tuktuk (fee is included). Then, you are not required to waste your energy riding between Siem Reap and the site location. Your arrival and departure will be a breeze so that your energy can be reserved for the best part of the day which is, of course, the tour itself. Go and back, it is about 15 kilometers of routes of less interest you skip..

•       Adaptable to your pace: If you are tired at some point or want to get back to Siem Reap for any reason, you can ask to have a (free) transfer by tuktuk to your hotel from any location on the trail. And if you are after more instead of less, I can also extend the trail in order to get back to Siem Reap by taking small paths that lead to the city.

•       Top-Notch Equipment: All you need to fully enjoy the ride is supplied. This includes new and quality mountain bikes, comfortable seats, good lighting, as well as an helmet.

•       Number of attendants upon your choice: As it is a private tour bike ride, you can say how many people will participate. I will adapt the logistic accordingly.. 

•       Totally Off-track: There are no cars or traffic and hardly any paved roads on the trail. With me, you will find yourself surrounded by scenic and natural landscapes.

•       Educative Visit: I am happy to share with you some valuable information on this historical site provided by my friend Johann Reinhart Zieger, a German scholar researching the history of Angkor for about 17 years. He is also the author of books such as Angkor Wat Photo Guide as well as the editor of

•       Emergency: In the case of any accidents requiring medical attention, known that I work in collaboration with the Royal Angkor International Hospital, a medical facility with International Standards and doctors. Also, I have a GPS tracking system that allows emergency services to instantly track our location which can speed up the process of receiving medical assistance.

Transfer by Tuktuk

Unlike any other Angkor bike tour, I really emphasize the importance of getting a transfer by tuktuk on both ways to avoid getting tired riding on asphalted roads to go to the trail and to get back to town (go and back about 16 kms).Then, you are not required to waste your energy and ride on unsafe roads. You keep your  motivation and energy for the best part of the day: the tour itself.

Educative Tips

I can share some valuable tips I got from my friend Johann Zieger, a German scholar researching about Angkorian era for about 17 years and author notably of publishing including the Angkor Wat Photo Guide and

99% Offroad & Shady

Our trails are designed to avoid asphalt roads as much as possible. Instead, we ride on quiet sandy and jungle paths that are renown for their quaintness and beauty. Also, to avoid too much sun exposure, we mapped out the Hidden Temples trail in shady areas so that we are protected from the mid-afternoon heat.

Quality MTB & Equipment

For your comfort, we provide the latest Giant's Talon MTBs equipped with comfortably soft and heavily padded seats. Also, helmets are provided for optimal safety.   

Lunch Included

I provide fresh water in isothermal container, delicious dry exotic fruits, and lunch at a shady laid-back restaurant holded by a lovely family.

Tailored attention

If at any point during the journey you would like to stop the trail ride, know that we organize a free transfer to your hotel from any point on the bike path so that can get you back to your room as quickly as possible to catch some R&R.


In case of accident, I work in collaboration with the Royal Angkor International Hospital, a medical facility with International Standards and doctors. I have a GPS tracking system that allows emergency services to instantly track our location which can speed up the process of receiving medical assistance.


I can speak English, French. and a little bit Spanish

Particularly I can speak Khmer, what helps interacting with locals along the way and this cultural dive contributes to the enjoyment of the overall experience.

Remote Temples

We have designed routes that pass by various, remote, less visited temples which you can explore at your own pace for optimal satisfaction and enjoyment.




  • Your Tour is guided by myself (I am a Western Longterm Resident Guide) 
  • Transfer by Tuktuk between your Hotel and the Tour both ways supplied & included
  • Bike and Equipment supplied & included
  • Lunch supplied & included in a Restaurant
  • Snack and Water supplied & included
  • Angkor Pass not supplied nor included
  • Insurance not supplied nor included

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About me

angkor guide

Hello, I am Thierry and I am your guide in this trail.

I am originally from France, and since 2011, I was fortunate enough to take the opportunity I had to settle in Siem Reap.

Ever since I moved here, and whenever time permits me to do so, I hop on my mountain bike and explore all that Siem Reap has to offer. I've visited everything from the famous heritage sites and the jungles to the lesser-known temples and the countryside in order to learn about Cambodian culture and contemplate the natural beauty of the sites. My surroundings have become extremely familiar to me and therefore, I feel confident that I know about every single track that this piece of paradise has to offer. 

My hobby has developed a great passion in me and has delighted every friend and guest that I have had the pleasure to ride with. As it is a real pleasure to share this enchanting adventure with others, it is only natural that I have decided to make an activity of getting you there.

Join me in a truly unique and adventurous ride to see the stunning sights as well as dive deep into the cultural lifestyle of Cambodia.

Nikki Zimbler

Magical adventure - unique fun - such a great way to see temples in Cambodia

A brilliant idea - cycling through the single track jungle paths to see remote temples - away from tourists - to give you time to savour the quietness and tranquility when you get to each temple.
Thierry was SO accommodating - half our group got tired so he called his tuktuk and that half did the rest of the tour by tuktuk. Water provided. We got muddy and had to get off and walk around a few puddles - but hey, that's half the fun isn't it. Getting out of your comfort zone - getting some exercise - wind in your face - mud on your socks - laughter in your lungs.
Highly highly highly recommended. I've seen the temples over 50 times - and yesterday it was like I was experiencing the Angkor temples for the first time. Well done Thierry - you and your staff did a superb job. Thank you for creating a wonderful memory.

Karlijn Rademakers

Amazing experience off the beaten track

My five month pregnant friend and I had an amazing day with Thierry!!! We started at the countryside with beautiful views of the rice fields and a first remote but nice temple. Then we cycled along a scenery small river towards the forrest. Although the sun was shining it was not too hot, the cycling gives you a nice breeze. The bikes were super and we managed the mud puddles well. We visited another great temple before we had a nice lunch. After lunch we continued cycling, now in the shades of the forrest, which was also beautiful. We crossed two bridges and visited a few more temples. Amazing how they all look different. Thierry is a knowledgeable and fun guide who will accommodate your needs. We eventually viewed sun set at one of the temples, a nice final moment of a day we will always remember. Thanks Thierry!!!

Alessandra B


I think you get to see the temples and Siem Reap from a completely different perspective. I think that sometimes we never realise the hidden beauties around us.. so Angkor Offtrack and Thierry made me discover a side of the city that I didn't expect.
THANK YOU and keep up the good work man!


Cycle through countryside

From the outset Thierry was well organised and a pleasure to hang out with. We travelled by tuk tuk drop off point where he showed me how to use my bike and made some small adjustments for comfort. First stop West Baray reservoir, located just west of the walled city Angkor Thom; just beautiful.
The track was through well used tracks and some that were a little more offbeat; it was us and nature. We encountered a few hiccups along the way that didn't phase Thierry, a flooded pass and a bit of sticky mud that just added to the experience.
When we set off it was mid afternoon and the sun was beating down however the tracks were mostly shaded. We saw Siem Reap from a different perspective as we pedalled from west to east. We managed to meet with some bullocks, some cheeky children and some temple ruins that I wouldn't have seen otherwise.
I would highly recommend this tour and will definitely join him on my return for the jungle track. If you have the time do it!
Thanks Thierry it was awesome